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Used 40 X, 20 Y, 20 Z, Matsuura MC-1000VS, 1983,10HP, 6000RPM, #ATC: 30, Table: W19.6  x L47.2 , Cntrol   Yasnac MX                                                   UED

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40"X, 20"Y, 20"Z, Matsuura MC-1000VS, 1983,10HP, 6000RPM, #ATC: 30, Table: W19.6" x L47.2", Cntrol Yasnac MX [1000vs83]

40"X, 20"Y, 20"Z, Matsuura MC-1000VS, 1983,10HP, 6000RPM, #ATC: 30, Table: W19.6" x L47.2", Cntrol Yasnac MX


This CNC machine is used and was pulled from a major aerospace company. Machine is located in La Mir
da, California and is available for inspection upon request.

This machine you may find advertised for $30,000 or more.
The Tsudakoma TRNC-301 12 inch Rotary 5th Axis table you may find advertised for over $18,000 or mor
So please consider this is $48,000 worth of machinery that you can buy here for much much less!

If you search for 5th axis machines on eBay or Google you will find you may need to spend double. Th
s is a bargain.
Read below a brief summary of the benefits of a 5th axis machine.


Matsuura MC1000VS1983 Used CNC Vertical Machining Center

Axis: X 40" x Y 20" x Z 20"
Power: 10HP
RPM: 6000 RPM
#ATC: 30
Table: Width 19.6" x 47.2" Long
Control: Yasnac MX1
Weight: 10,000 lbs with Tsudakoma Table

The Benefits of 5-axis machining: Below from Tri-Tech Precisions Web Site

Reduced machining time: By using a flat bottom endmill and maintaining perpendicularity to the compl
x surface you can step-over the full diameter of the cutter thereby dramatically reducing the requir
d number of passes across a surface. The same principle applies to sidemilling of angled surfaces.
Better surface finish: Using a flat bottom endmill to maintain perpendicularity to the complex surfa
e can eliminate ribbing caused by ball-nose endmills.
Eliminate multiple setups required to re-position the work-piece at complex angles.
Eliminate costly tooling and fixtures required to hold the work-piece in place.
Eliminate manual millwork and handwork required to cleanup kellered surfaces.
Machine complex parts that are not otherwise possible, including holes required to be normal to a co
plex surface.
Fewer competitors: Higher profit margins.

4th and 5th Axis Capabilities >>> Simultaneous full tilt and rotary axis

Included with the machine is a Tsudakoma TRNC-301 12" 4th 5th Axis Tilting Rotary Trunion Table

Features a ±110° tilt range due to a unique differential gear system. The motor section do
s not move allowing for simplified cable management.
Model TRNC-301S
Tilt Range -110° ~ 110°
Table diameter 320
Table height at 0° position 345
Center height at 90° position 255
Center bore
Nose Diameter 40H7
Thru Diameter 40
Table T-slot width 14H7
Guide block width 118h7
Servo motor (Fanuc)*
Rotary Tilt
Alpha 8i
Maximum motor speed rpm 3,000
Speed reduction ratio 1/360
Maximum table speed rpm 8.3
Inertia converted into motor shaft x 10-3kg.m2 .63
Clamp system Pneumatic Pneumatic Hydraulic**
Indexing accuracy arc sec. ±7.5
Indexing repeatability arc sec. ±2
Tilting accuracy (0° ~ 90°) arc sec. ±22.5
Tilting accuracy (-90° ~ 90°) arc sec. ±30
Tilting repeatability arc sec. ±2
Net Weight kg (lbs.) 350 (770)
Allowable wheel torque - rotary Nm (ft. lbs.) 764 (563)
Allowable work inertia kg.m2 .15 .63 1.91
Allowable work weight kg (lbs) 0° tilt angle 150 (330)
0° ~ 90° tilt angle 100 (220)
Allowable work moment Nm (ft. lbs.) 254.8 (187.8)
Allowable load when table clamped N (lbf) 14,700 (3,293)
Nm (ft. lbs.) 980 (722)

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