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Used 23000 L, Welfit Oddy, 1994, IMO 1 Ins/Steam, picture typical of condition.                                                                                       UED

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23000 L, Welfit Oddy, 1994, IMO 1 Ins/Steam, picture typical of condition. [005]

23000 L, Welfit Oddy, 1994, IMO 1 Ins/Steam, picture typical of condition.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Re: Non-Certified ISO tank according to your stated needs

We are pleased to offer the following ISO Tanks. As we discussed they
will be used but can have inspection certificates and will be suitable
for atmospheric static storage. Compatibility with the product to be
stored is the responsibility of the purchaser.

General Properties:

Condition: Used, clean and free of prior cargo residue. Sold as is where
is no guarantee offered or implied. They are not sold as pressure or
reactor vessels. The units will NOT have full five (5) year certificates
and as such are not “shippable” loaded with cargo as IMO vessels or by
road or rail in the USA.

Exterior Dimensions: 8 ft. wide x 8 ft. six inches tall x 20 ft. length.

Frame: Carbon Steel
Tank: Stainless Steel (316 L or TI), ¼ inch thick walls and
dished ends. Galvanized walkway, twenty inch (20”) man way and inlets at
the top. Some are 18”.

Top Fill (man way) and Bottom Discharge (Three Inch ID). The type
of fittings varies by ISOTANK. Bottom discharge. Steam coils and

Inspection: ROAM can arrange and pay for a commercial inspection of
these units. Should any unit fail inspection, another unit will be
selected and inspected at ROAM's cost. A copy of each inspection report
will be provided to customer with order. This is included in the above
purchase price.

Terms: Cash in advance. All units are subject to prior sale without
payment in full. Payment by wire transfer to:

Delivery is Ex works:11000 Beaumont Highway (Highway 90). Houston,
Texas 77078

Transportation: The units will NOT have full 5 year certifications
thus they cannot be transported loaded with product by container vessel.
However, they can be shipped by break bulk vessel empty with clean
certificates. Clean certificates are provided as part of the sale.
ROAM has an in-house transportation division and can easily offer the
transportation of these units to the needed destination globally or we
can easily work with your forwarder. They can be shipped empty by road
or rail in the USA empty.

David M. Ullrich
ROAM Enterprises
2646 South Loop West, Suite 405
Houston, TX 77054
713-664-4030 Office

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