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33 Ton, Amada, EMK3610NT AMNC-F, 60"x100", MFG: 2008 [10069]

33 Ton, Amada, EMK3610NT AMNC-F, 60"x100", MFG: 2008

Motion Package Specifications

Travel Method X and Y axes work piece movement
Control Method X, Y, T & C
Drive Motors Fanuc AC Servo (X, Y, T, C, Z1, Z2)
Maximum Sheet Size 60" (Y) x 196.85"" (X) with one repositioning cycle.
(Additional material support
tables required when processing material over 100" in the X-axis)
Maximum Sheet Thickness 0.188"
Maximum Material Weight 110 lb. At F1 (330 lbs. At F4)
Maximum Axis Travel 98.425" (X) by 60" (Y)
Max. Linear Table Speed (X / Y / Combined) 3934 ipm / 3149 ipm / 5039 ipm
Punching Accuracy 0.004" ( 0.0027" in High Accuracy Mode)
Positioning Accuracy 0.001"
Repeatability 0.001"

Punching System Specifications

Press Capacity 33 Tons
Press Stroke 1.457""
Stroke Rate (X/Y) Pitch Stroke Stroke Rate
0.079" 0.236" 780/498
1.000" 0.236" 500/330
Maximum Hole Diameter 4.500"
Tool Type Amada Thick Turret
Turret Rotation Speed 33 RPM
Feed Clearance 0.984"
Auto Index Rotation Speed 60 RPM

AMNC-F Controller

Model AMNC-F
Control Function X, Y, T , C, Z1,&Z2
Input Method Floppy Disk, CD ROM, USB, Ethernet, MDI, DNC
Minimum Command Unit 0.001" (X, Y) 0.010 (C)
Minimum Travel Unit 0.001" (X, Y) 0.010 (C)
Operating Modes Automatic, MDI& Manual
Display Modes Program Contents, Position Information, Program Check, Turret

Load, Program Set-up,
Parameters, Tool Hit Counter, Self Diagnostics
Interlock Displays Door Open, Clamp Open, X-Gauge block up.

Ram Control Features:

Ram Cycle Patterns 277 Total
Punching 3
Nibbling 1
Forming 250
Marking 10
Knockouts 10
Slotting 4
Minimum Programmable Increment 0.001"

EMK3610 Standard Features

* High speed punching with a servo-electric, direct twin drive system that

dramatically increases ram speed and eliminates unnecessary ram motion
* 100" X-axis can process 8' sheets without repositioning which reduces

process time and improves accuracy
* Quiet operation with variable ram-stroking control maximizes hit rate

while achieving the lowest noise levels in today's manufacturing environment
* 33-ton ram delivers superior edge quality and accuracy
* 58-station multiple track turret with two 1" and two 4" auto-index

* Full set of high performance, quick-adjust, large station air-blow

* Extended tool life and minimum tool maintenance with Air Blow Oil Mist

* Virtually eliminates slug pulling with the power vacuum system
* High quality, press-brake-like forming operations up to " with

programmable dwell at bottom of stroke for complete plastic deformation
* Progressive forms, flanges and embossments up to " eliminate secondary

* Forming and high quality processing eliminate secondary operations
* Reduced vibration of the direct twin drive ram combined with the rigid

bridge frame ensures tighter tolerances extending tool and machine life while

producing high quality, distortion free parts
* Brush table design provides scratch-free processing, eliminating

secondary finishing.
* Free standing PC-based network CNC control allows for flexible layout

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