December 2014
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MB20, Matthews,Hand Operated,3.3 Ton,Impact Press/Marker [36426]

MB20, Matthews,Hand Operated,3.3 Ton,Impact Press/Marker

The Impact Press is a machine designed to mark products in a fast and
efficient manner.
Once the proper distance has been determined between the Die and the Product,
the marking procedure will take place after the Handle or Pneumatic switch
is activated.
Stamping is enforced as the Impact Spring is compressed against the Hammer,
which releases Ball Bearings.
This forces pressure to fire through the Impacter to mark the product from the
Type Holder or Die.

Marking Force Range 0 - 3.3 Tons
Work Area 6.3" X 6.3"
Center Column to Center Impact 6.3"
Throat Height 16"
Shank Size (Arbor) 10mm
Approximate Dimensions 8"L X 13"W X 30"H
Approximate Weight 70 Lbs.

Impact Adjustment Nut

*Preliminary Specifications Subject to Verification.

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