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1/2",Felss,No.FR16-VU,thrufeed rotary Design,(4)Swaging Segs,counter rotation'99 [33464]

1/2",Felss,No.FR16-VU,thrufeed rotary Design,(4)Swaging Segs,counter rotation'99

Serial No. 2790 New - 2000

The sequences in the swaging mechanism of the system are key to the forming
process: A shaft drives several base jaws with dies. If the base jaws are
positioned between two pressure rollers, the dies are in an open position; if
the pressure base jaws are under a roller, the dies are closed - and impact on
the workpiece. The outer roller cage has a continuous movement resulting from
the rotation of the swaging shaft and the specific curve shape of the base

Working Diameter - Tube 4 - 14mm (.157 - .551")
Working Diameter - Solid Material 2 - 8mm (.078 - .314")
Swaging Dies 4
Swaging Dies - Dimensions 50mm X 20mm X 25mm (L,W,H)
Swaging Dies - Dimensions 1.96"L X .78"W X .98"H
Direction of Rotation Clockwise
Power Transmission Toothed Belt
Rotational Speed 612 RPM (Constant)
Drive Motor 1.5kW, 1680 RPM, 60hz
Direction of Rotation Counterclockwise
Power Transmission V-Belt
Rotational Speed 20 - 140 RPM (Adjustable)
Drive Motor .75kW, 1400 RPM, 60hz
Rotating Ring & Swaging Shaft 4800-5650 Strokes/Min.
Opening Stroke - Maximum (Base Jaws) 1mm per Side (.039")
FEEDING UNITS - Front & Rear:
Feeding Force - Maximum 1000 N (737
Feeding Speed - Adjustable 10-3700 mm/min. (.39 - 145 IPM)
Feed Roller Opening 0 - 15mm (0 -.59")
Pneumatic Cylinder Transverse Load - Min. 4040 N (6 bar) (2979
Spring Return Force - Minimum 130 N (95
Spring Return Force - Maximum 200 N (147
Piston Diameter 100mm (3.93")
Stroke Length 70mm (2.75")
Drive Motor Transmission Ratio 8 : 1
Outpur Speeds 10 - 375 RPM (Adjustable)
Floor to Table Plate 846mm (33.3")
Space Required 850mm X 800mm (33.4"L X 31.5"W)

Swaging Unit HU 15-V
(2) Roller Feeding Units RV 16
Front & Rear Motorized Roller Feeding System w/ Forward & Reversing and
Pneumatic Pressure Clamp Assist
Push Button Controls
Variable Speed Control for Feed Units
Miscellaneous Tube Guides
Miscellaneous Fiber Rollers for Feed Units
Manual and Documentation

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