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Lumonics,LightWriter SP, 95-033, 50 watt, Yag, Marking Laser 1995, [23946]

Lumonics,LightWriter SP, 95-033, 50 watt, Yag, Marking Laser 1995,

Serial No. 95-033 New - 1995

The LightWriter SP system is a general purpose laser marking system used to

mark a variety of materials including hardened metals, ceramic, carbide steel,

aluminum, and most plastics. The system is manufactured in accordance with

NEMA 12 guidelines and consists of two interconnected major modules: An

Electronics Cabinet, containing the support systems and a Laser Assembly

consisting of a Laser Head and a Marking Head. The Laser Head contains a

Nd:YAG laser, while the Marking Head which is attached to the Laser Head

contains the telescope, optics and steering mirrors.

The LightWriter is a real time marking system which incorporated the latest

technology allowing the highest degree of reliability and ease of operation.

The system can either be operated in a stand-alone configuration, or can be

controlled directly from a host computer. In the stand-alone mode, all data

entries and marking commands are entered by the operator from the keyboard and

monitor located at the user workstation. The exchange and transfer of

information between the operator and the system is carried out through the

user interface provided by Lumonics' exclusive software program, SOLO (Simple

Operation, Logical Operation, which runs in the 32-bit 486-DX System

Controller under control of the IBM OS/2 operating system. In fully automated

applications, central computers can be interfaced directly to the System

Controller via a host communication link, for completely unattended system


Laser Type Nd:YAG
Output Power 50 Watts
Laser Wavelength 1064 nanometer
Q-Switch Mode TEMoo to multimode
Q-Switch Modulation Continuous Wave to 64KHz

Resolution - Character Height - Maximum 7.0"
- Character Width - Maximum 7.0"
- Character Spacing - Maximum 3.20"
- Character Spacing - Minimum 0.00"
- Line Spacing - Maximum 3.20"
- Line Spacing - Minimum 0.00"
- Writing Speed - Maximum 80.0"/Sec, Fully Adjustable
- Writing Speed - Minimum .500"/Sec.
Pulse Frequency - Selectable Continuous Wave (CW) - 64KHz
Writing Style Engrave - Constant Velocity
Continuous Wave
Character Style Adobe 1 Fonts, Also Fonts
and Graphics Imported from
other Drawing Applications.
Special Effects
Circular Marking - Maximum 7.0" Diameter
- Minimum .010"
Circular Marking Direction Clockwise or Counterclockwise
Italics - Maximum Angle +/- 60 Degrees
- Minimum Angle 0 Degrees
Field Rotation 90 Degree Increments
Text Rotation - 0.1 Degree Increments -359.9 - +359.9
Serialzation - May Include Alpha & Numeric Up to 9 S/N per Marking Job
Step & Repeat - Column and Row Spacing 0.00" - 2.00"
- Rows and Columns 1 - 99
Utilites Specifications
Electrical 480 VAC +/_ 5%, 50/60 Hz,
3 Phase
Water Externally Supplied

Approximate Dimensions - Machine 60" L x 48" W x 87" H
- Control 31" L x 30" W x 45" H

*Preliminary Specifications Subject to Verification.

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