December 2014
Used PANTHER AC1600 DUAL DRIVE GANTRY CUTTING SYSTEM, 14' X 43', BURNY CNC,                                                                                           UED

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Heavy Duty 12" by 12" Double Box Beam Transverse Axis Machine Beam
Longitudinal Axis End Carriages fabricated from .375" Steel
Hardened Precision Ways for Motion Transfer in the Transverse Axis
Transverse Axis Gear Rack
Heavy Duty Transverse Axis Master Carriage
Machine to have effective cutting width of 14 feet with Master carriage
Longitudinal Rail and Powertrack :
Machine will have 50 feet of rail to allow for machine parking space during
loading and unloading of the cutting table
Machine will have 43 feet of effective cutting length
Longitudinal axis powertrack system
Burny 10LCD PC-Based CNC Controller :
4.3 GB Hard Drive / 128Meg RAM
433 MHz Celeron Processor
Graphic Plate Alignment
Ethernet and RS232 Communication Capability (standard)
True Multi-tasking
Selectable Kerf Compensation
Generic Shape Language
Full Color 12.1 inch Touchscreen
Windows NT - Embedded Operating System
RTX "Real Time" Motion Control
Direct Import of .dxf and .dwg Files
Row and Column Nesting
50 Standard Shapes Library
Part Scaling and Mirror Imaging
Machine Drives :
2.7 Horsepower AC Servo machine drive package featuring :
Traverse speed on X Master, X Slave, and Y axes up to 1200 IPM
Brushless AC Servo drive motors for X Master, X Slave, and Y axes
Low Backlash Planetary gearboxes for X Master, X Slave, and Y axes
Digital Drive Amplifiers for X Master, X Slave, and Y axes
Digital Synchronization of X Master and X Slave axes
S.I.ConT Operators Console :
Fully configurable PLC interface
Plasma and oxyfuel gas control
Individual Station On / Off selection
Station up / down functions, all torches up / all torches down
Fully populated switch panel for 4 plasma and 12 oxyfuel
Full control for optional plate markers and optional water table level
Oxyfuel Gas Delivery System :
High Flow Gas Regulation Panel with Pierce Ramp Control
Gas and Oxygen Manifold System Configured for up to 8 Total Oxyfuel Stations
Automatic Torch Ignition Manifold
Individual Station Select Solenoids on Manifold lectrical Interface to
Regulation Panel and Manifold Systems
Oxyfuel Torch Station :
Heavy Duty High Speed ballscrew drive
Electrical Interface Cable for Torch Station Raise / Lower
Victor Oxyfuel Torch with Automatic Torch Igniter
Gas and Oxygen Hoses from Manifold to Torch
InnerLogic FineLine200PCT High Density Plasma Station :
200 Amp Power Supply
InnerLogic InovaTM Torch Height Control System including Initial Height
Sensing, Arc Voltage Torch
Height Control, and Torch Collision Protection
Automatic Gas Control
Machine Torch
Shielded Torch Lead Set
Machine Interface and Control Cables
Hypertherm ArcWriter TM Plasma Marking Station :
Hypertherm ArcWriter Plasma Power Supply
Dual Gas Mechanized Marking Torch for application of layout locations and
part identification
Hypertherm "Roller Ball " mechanical lifter station
Plasma Marker Machine Interface

****NO Burning Table***

*See attached warranty, terms, machine use and safety.
**These specifications are subject to verification upon inspection.

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