December 2014
Used Shively Labs, No. (P/N) 8169-EPS  ,                                                                                                                              UED

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Shively Labs, No. (P/N) 8169-EPS &, [1037eb]

Shively Labs, No. (P/N) 8169-EPS &,

R.F. Transmission Line Coaxial Switch

Looks to be unused and very good condition, but I'm listing as used.

Build by Shively Labs, Inc in Richmond Maine.

Type No. (P/N) 8169-EPS S/N 103

The Switch part build by Japanese Over Seas Services, Inc. Lexington, Mass.


P/N 26750-8160-E-M S/N 005

O.D. of the flange is 8.25” or 8.1875 nominal with a 2.5” O.D. center pin.

8/75 or 8 inch 75 ohms is used for high power TV RF tramsmission probly VHF?

RCA 8-75 line size?

A coax switch this size to replace would cost BIG dollars, but we are selling this one cheep!

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