December 2014
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General Specifications:

Manufacturer - Mori Machinery
Model - MIU-30
Year - 1997
Material - Copper (C1220)
Strip Thickness - 0.25-0.7mm
Strip Width - 20mm-40mm
Strip Coil ID - 400mm
Strip Coil OD - 1,500mm
Coil Weight - 600 Kg Max
Tube Diameter - 9.52mm, 7.94mm, 7mm - Inner Grooved Tube
HF Welder
Kw - 150
kHz - 600

Welding Speed - 30-170 meters/min
Forming - 200 meters/min.
Sizing - 250 meters/min.
Cooling - 280 meters/min.
Jog - 10m/min.

Utility - AC 440 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz

Line Components:

Two-Arm Turnstile

Marol Coil Balance Arm
600 kg lifting capacity

Double-End Uncoiler
Hydraulic Expanding

Coil End Joiner
Tig Welder

Dancer Roll/Measuring Unit
700mm Max Stroke
2600mm Strip Stock Length
Synchro Type

Horizontal Accumulator
Entry/Exit Pinch Rolls
400m/min filling speed
750m Max accumulator length (150m/min for 5 minutes)
2000mm Basket OD
1200mm Basket ID

(2) 2hi Embossing Stand Section w/ Vertical Guide Rolls/Wipers
80mm Roll Shaft Diameter
55mm Roll Space
155mm-200mm Shaft Distance

7 Forming Stands, Model U-30
80mm Roll Shaft Diameter
70mm Roll Space
100mm Standard Roll Diameter
Manual Top Roll Shaft Adjustment
Shim Adjustment Bottom Roll Shaft Adjustment
90-140mm Top/Bottom Shaft Space
7 side stands, Model S-30
25mm Roll Shaft Diameter
70-135mm Right/Left Shaft Space
10mm +/-
50mm max Roll Space
AC Vector motor, 22kw

Thermatool High Frequency Welder
150 kw, 600 kHz
Seam Guide Stand
Squeeze Rol Stand
Outside Bead Cutter - 2 stand tandem
Bead Chopper
Ironing Roll Stand
Cooling Table
OD Scarfing Unit

Quench Tank

Four Stand Sizing Section
350mm stand pitch
5 side guides
AC Vector motor, 8.7kw
Measuing Stand

Double Turks Head Stand
20mm Roll Shaft Diameter
50mm Roll Space

Eddy Current Tester (if available)

Weidenback Tube Marker
Mdl T5562001

Rotary Cutoff
500-1500mm approx. cutting length
450 max cuts/min
Servo Drive
AC Servo motor 37 kw

Payoff to receiving basket/winder and basket conveyor
Bending Unit
2500mm Standard Diameter of Winding
Basket - 1850mm ID Diameter, 3050mm OD Diameter, 730mm High
600 kg max weight, about 6000m length

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