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Used VIOTTO CNC DOUBLE VERTICAL HEAD DISC GRINDER                                                                                                                     UED

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Stock # 13138-P
Serial # 4481A
New 2006
Model # RVVV2 CNC 450 HD

Super Abrasive Grinding Wheel Version

Machine Overview: The Viotto RVV2 CNC 450 HD is a heavy duty, high precision double vertical head gr
nding machine. It is equipped with Viotto’s exclusive Interpolated Feed System and Automatic Dress
ng System. The machines is equipped for Superabrasive Grinding, with the upper wheelhead having 4 Ax
s of CNC controlled movement, allowing rotary/oscillating, reciprocating and plunge cycles. The pres
nt loader and interpolated feed system is set up to handle parts from 0.50” to 0.75”. Viotto US
can supply alternatives.

General Specification:
Main Spindle Power (AC): Upper 20 HP 15kW
Lower 20 HP 15kW
Grinding Wheel Diameters: 17.7” 450 mm
Spindle Diameter- Front Bearing: 6.10” 155 mm
Grinding Wheel Peripheral Speed: 0&5,900 FPM
Spindle Speeds- Upper+Lower: 0&1,270 RPM
Axis Travel Speeds: -Manual Slow 3.15 IPM 0.08 m/mm
-Manual Rapid 19.7 IPM 0.50 m/mm
-Automatic 19.7 IPM 0.50 m/mm
Minimum Wheelhead Infeed: 0.00004” 0.001 mm
Reciprocation Travel Of The Slide: 5.3” 135 mm
Table Carrier Speed: 0&5.5 RPM
Grinding Wheel Dressing Speed: 300 RPM
Maximum Work Piece Thickness: 1.57” 40 mm
Total Machine Power: 54.4 HP 40 Kw
Machine Weight: 13,860 lbs 6,300 Kg
Machine Dimensions: 41” x 74” x 102” 105 x 189 x 260mm
Operating Voltage: 480 V, 3 PH, 60 Hz
Control Voltage: 24 V(DC) & 110 V(AC)
1. The machine base is a heavy gauge, welded steel with CAD enhanced webbing for additional rigidity
This rigidity is needed for the Double Disc production grinding, that the machine was designed for

2. Both upper & lower wheelheads are cartridge type and designed and engineered for production grind
ng. The axis positioning of each wheelhead is controlled by both resolver feedback and direct axis m
asurement by glass scales. Both heads are also counterbalanced.
3. The grinding spindles are cartridge designed that each have 2 sets of SNFA high precision ABEC 7
lass bearings. The grinding spindles do have adjustment in 2 vertical planes.
4. The Rotary Carrier (X axis) is mounted upon a reciprocating horizontal slide (Y axis). All assemb
ies are protected by covers and controlled by the Siemen’s 810D control. While the present carrie
and loader is designed for parts ½” to ¾” in diameter, Viotto USA can retool it for parts up
o approximately 4”.
5. Machine is equipped with an Automatic Wheel Dresser which is variable speed with a 6” diameter
ilicon carbide wheel.
6. The machine is controlled by a Siemens Sinumerik 810 D Control. The main control functions are:
Interpolated feed system:
Carrier Rotation and Oscillation ( X Axis )
Slide reciprocation ( Y Axis )
Upper wheel plunge cycle ( Z Axis )
Marposs gauging cycle
Special program software for single side grinding ( optional tooling needed )
Wheel positioning ( Z & Q Axes )
Automatic wheel wear compensation controlled by Marposs unit
Automatic Lubrication cycles
Automatic wheel dressing cycles
Rapid travel of wheelheads
7. Comb 10.20 Coolant Filtration System
170 Gallon Capacity
Paper/Fabric Media
58 GPM Flow ( Water Soluble Oil )
8. Marposs Electronic Post-Process Gauging
Unit will check part thickness and feedback to CNC control for Automatic Wheel Wear Compensation
9. Work Platform
10. Complete Set of Factory Manuals, Prints and Schematics
11. Machine is as taken from service March 2013.

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