December 2014
Used 126000 KW, GE FRAME 9E, HFO/OIL/GAS, 11.5 KV, 3 PHASE, 50 HZ, NEW:-3                                                                                             UED

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126000 KW, GE FRAME 9E, HFO/OIL/GAS, 11.5 KV, 3 PHASE, 50 HZ, NEW:-3 [39191]


Manufacturer: General Electric
Model: Frame 9E
Rating: 126000 KW
Fuel: Tri-fuel (HFO/Distillate/Natural Gas)


Manufacturer: General Electric
Output: 11500 KV
Frequency: 3 PH, 50 HZ


1. Tri Fuel Technology, Standard Combustors capable of Natural Gas, Diesel and

HFO operation with water injection skids for NOx control.

2. Andritz Hydro/Elin Austria 50 Hz Static Excited, Air Cooled Generators.

3. Dedicated Wash Skids one (1) per GT capable of simultaneous fully automated

turbine/compressor washing for HFO ops.

4. Air Inlet Filters consist of high performance synthetic design.

5. Majority of interconnecting piping, electrical and I&C materials are

included in GE Scope and provided.

6. Liquid Fuel Inlet Filters: HFO and Diesel/LFO inlet filters are duplex

washable mesh type i.e. No Paper Element Fuel Oil Filters, moreover HFO inlet

filters are self cleaning type.

7. State of the art GE Mark VIe Turbine Controls allow for fuel changeover

from Gas to Diesel, Diesel to HFO and vice versa on reduced load while


These units are currently in storage. Unit 1 and 2 delivered ExWorks on 25

February and 15 March 2013. Unit 3 Unit delivered to storage in April 2013.

Balance of Plant is also available at additional cost.

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