December 2014
Used No. SB3000, SIMEC, 1997, 4  Capacity, 10' max bar length                                                                                                         UED

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No. SB3000, SIMEC, 1997, 4" Capacity, 10' max bar length [310492]

No. SB3000, SIMEC, 1997, 4" Capacity, 10' max bar length

General Specifications

Model: SB3000
Bar Capacity: 1-1/2" to 4" Diameter
Max. Bar Length: 10'
Diameter of Brushes: 10"
Face of Brushes: 18"
Chain Feed Conveyor: Yes
Automatic Chain Feed Through Feed: Yes
Motor: 10HP

Equipped With:(must be verified by buyer)

6 brushes

Machine 228" x 50" x 62" 8,000

Suiable for round tube and also various square and rectangular
tubes in lengths from 6 to 120 inches

Notched guide rails for rotating square and rectangular tubes

Brush life up to 500,000 parts dependant on cut quality and length

Hand wheel adjustment for centering the brushes to the center of the tube

Fine length adjustment and wear compensation of the brushes

Cam follower type length adjustment of movable brush

Automatic chain feed conveyor

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